Delhi girl alleges rape in Jaipur

A 17-year-old girl from Delhi has alleged gangrape by at least 26 men at a hotel here. She filed a complaint in Delhi’s Mongolpuri Station, saying she had been repeatedly raped by these men in a hotel room in Jaipur.

But there seems to be certain discrepancies in the girl’s version as the local hotel staff is rubbishing her claims. Jaipur police, however, say they do not have the case details as the rape case was being dealt by Delhi police.
The Delhi police is said to have come and rounded up people for investigations and arrested at least six people.

The teenager in her complaint says she was taken to Jaipur by a couple on the pretext of a job offer. Instead she was lodged in a hotel near the inter-state bus terminus and raped repeatedly by at least 26 men including hotel staff in the hotel room.

Meanwhile, one of the hotel staff at Hotel Indraprastha rubbished the girl’s claims saying the girl and a man had checked into the hotel on Aug 29 . He said on condition of anonymity: “They seemed to be a happy couple. But relations must have soured, a quarrel ensued before they checked out on Aug 31. Later we hear she has filed a rape case against 26 people including hotel staff.”

He said: “They had come during the Raksha Bandhan holidays. Very few staff were on duty. Only four to be precise. Our hotel is at least 40 years old in the area and has a ceratin reputation, where a number of hotels are present. She has even filed rape case against 85-year-old owner Padam Prakash Khandaka and also Mukesh Soni, who is running the hotel on lease for the six to seven months. The Delhi police today took away Soni for further investigations.”

The hotel in the busy Sindhi Camp area is among several other such hotels in the area. The hotels here cater to budget travellers who come here on interstate buses on work a few days. This hotel charges about Rs 600 per night.

But there has been alarming rise in the number of rape cases in Rajasthan. Latest official figure ranks Rajasthan second in terms of the number of rape cases, just behind Madhya Pradesh. Last week on Saturday, three persons accused of raping a Japanese tourist in February this year, were sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by a fast track court here.

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