Lessons for first-time BJP MLAs

Just before the Vidhan Sabha Assembly session starts from September 16, BJP is not leaving anything to chances as it is expecting fireworks in the House. Although the Opposition Congress is miniscule ( 24 MLAs), the BJP expects it to corner them over Lalitgate and several other issues including the recent escape of the dreaded gangster Anand Pal Singh.

The BJP is conducting a formal three-day workshop of its 64 first time MLAs at the City Hotel Shakun in Jaipur’s C Scheme area.  The workshop started yesterday and will continue for two more days.

The idea is to prepare them to face any ruckus situation in the upcoming Assembly session and also to spread awareness about the government’s new schemes, the party’s morals and principles amongst the masses.

Yesterday Chief MInister Vasundhara Raje, while inaugurating the session reminded the first timers that they are a few privileged as out of seven crore population, only 200 get to be MLAs. She said it is easy to win the first time, but it is very difficult to get reelected. And people of Rajasthan have always re-elected a different party after every five years but that has come in the way of development of the state. So BJP should take care that it does not happen the next time.  

She advised the MLAs to focus on work and not aspire for ministry, red beacons and  not concentrate solely on transfer cases. She warned them that if transfers are conducted at their behest, they would be held accountable for the officials.

She emphasised that BJP is worker-based party and the MLAs should give more importance to the workers. They should be at the nerve centre of the workers, increase their morale and take advice from them too.   

She wanted the MLAs to know about the government schemes and spread awareness about them amongst the common people.  There was a formal test for the MLAs, which was conducted to assess how much did they know about their constituencies.      

Interestingly, the MLAs would also have yoga lessons in the morning before the workshops begin.

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