Rajasthan plans new bills for quota, yoga practitioners

Rajasthan government is set to introduce new bills in the upcoming session of Vidhan Sabha starting Sept 16. The bills include Rajasthan Special Backward Classes ( Reservation of Seats in Educational Institutes in the state and Appointments and Posts in Services under the State), Bill 2015. The Bill is expected to stem the protests over quota by Gujjars in the state, as it is aimed at providing 5 per cent special reservation to them.

Another bill to prevent the filing of frivolous litigations, the government would bring in the Rajasthan Vexatious Litigation ( Prevention) Bill, 2015. It is to stall people from filing cases for political reasons and vested interest and to deliberately show the government in poor light.

Another Bill the Rajasthan Deshiya Chikitsa Sansodhan) Vidheyak, 2015 ( Indigenous medicine amendment) will amend section of state indigenous medicinal systems Act of 1953 and will grant recognition to eligible practitioners of Yoga and Naturopathy, while providing them legal protection.

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