Unique fair to uphold Hindu values, traditions in Jaipur soon

A Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair would be held in Rajasthan for the first time. The fair’s main mission is to connect Hindu Spirituality with daily life and reawaken the youth to Hindu values and traditions. At least 50,000 students would be part of the pre fair event, where they would sing Vande Mataram, finds out Rajasthan Post

Rajasthan will witness a Hindu-ideology based fair for the first time. The organization, Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair, which is conducting the fair, has an objective to connect Hindu spirituality with contemporary challenges.

The organization has the backing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). All the programmes in the fair are designed to connect to high Hindu spiritual values to daily lifestyles by themes, samskaras and symbols.

Gunwant Singh Kothari, the coordinator of the Jaipur chapter said the main objective is to inculcate the Indian values, the traditional Hindu beliefs, which are being lost and fading away in the modern, fast-paced world.

The Chennai-based organization, which has been organising the fair annually since 2009, has moved out of Chennai for the first time and has headed straight to Rajasthan. The fair has been held in Chennai every year since 2009. Their next stop would be Bangalore and then Mumbai after Jaipur.

The fair would be held here from Oct 8 till Oct 11. A pre fair event on Oct 6 would have at least 50,000 students sing Vande Mataram on one of the main arterial roads of Jaipur. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje would be gracing the event.

It is an attempt to bring all Hindu organisations, working to bring a change in the society under one common platform at the fair.

They have, however, been grouped under four categories. The first category participants would be sadhus, sants and gaushalas (cow shelter), second NGOs, third communities like Agarwal, Maheshwari Samaj and fourth individuals who all work for social causes and create awareness about our Indian value systems.

“There would be at least 150 stalls in the fair, which would spread awareness about our traditional Hindu practices, ” Kothari said.

The fair, the preparations of which were on since April this year, seems to have the support of the ruling BJP government. Raje is also slated to visit the fair on any of the four days.

The fair will also witness puja for kanya (girls), cows, teachers, tulsi, snake, and also for patriots.  The organisers say people have forgotten to respect these  our nature and most importantly girls,  which our Hindu scriptures have always emphasised on. Hence pujas would be performed in traditional Hindu way.

The fair is based on themes of environment and ecology, human values, family values, respecting women and national patriotism and participants would hail from Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh.

Since a week, at least 275 schools of Jaipur have been conducting competitions in traditional Indian games like kho kho, wrestling and others and also in classical Indian dance and music. The winners of these competitions would be felicitated at the fair. Six raths having the idol of Swami Vivekananda, would visit another 1000 schools to extend invitations to students to visit the fair.    

Observers say the Raje government, which is already under fire for the temple demolitions in the Walled City is not willing to take any chances and has welcomed the initiative to hold such a fair.

RSS baiters, who did not wish to be identified, however said that with majority of BJP in the House, the RSS and its affiliates now have the freedom to pursue and take forward their agenda in Rajasthan and this Hindu ideology fair is one such example.


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