Getting smart the Jaipur way!

Jaipur is aiming to become a smart city and is in competition with other cities to get onto the smart bandwagon first. For this, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) is not leaving any stones unturned and has hopped onto the social media to help reach finish line first.

JMC has started its Facebook, Twitter pages and a dedicated website to get suggestions from its residents to turn Pink City into a smart city.      

Citizens can log onto, go onto its Twitter account JaipurSmart or access SmartCityJaipur on Facebook.

Jaipurites or anybody interested can also send in an email to   

Rajasthan, which was allowed to nominate four cities under the smart city mission finalised the cities of Jaipur, Kota, Ajmer and Udaipur for the project.  

Under the smart cities projects, each selected city would get central assistance of Rs 100 crore per year for five years. Smart city aspirants will be selected through a city challenge competition’ intended to link financing with the ability of the cities to achieve the mission objectives.

In Jaipur, a smart city infrastructure is likely to improve the efficiency and quality of services and provide a clean and sustainable environment to its  3.5 million residents and over 40 million tourists who visit Jaipur every year through application of some smart solutions.

Assured water and electricity supply, sanitation and solid waste management, efficient urban mobility and public transport, robust IT connectivity, e-governance and citizen participation, safety and security of citizens are keys to a smart city.

There should be smart solutions to public information, grievance redressal, electronic service delivery, citizens’ engagement, waste to energy and fuel, waste to compost, 100% treatment of waste-water, smart meters and management, monitoring water quality, renewable source of energy, efficient energy and green building, smart parking, intelligent traffic management system.

According to Intelligent  Community Forum (ICF), a New York-based think tank smart cities are   “cities and regions that use technology not just to save money or make things work better, but also to create high-quality employment, increase citizen participation and become great places to live and work.”

According to ICF, seven of the smart cities of 2015 are Arlington County,Virginia, USA; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Ipswich, Queensland, Australia; Mitchell, South Dakota, USA; New Taipei City, Taiwan; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.
So will Jaipur, a blend of new and old,  become smarter and be a great place to live and work as well. Experts say there are fewer job opportunities in Jaipur compared to Indian metros ( but those which have become difficult to live in) but there is no harm in trying. So best of luck for being smart!

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