Panther’s head get stuck in utensil

The powerful panther seemed helpless today when its head got stuck in a steel utensil late night in Rajsamand district (342 km from here).

The panther, a male about three and a half-year-old, was thirsty and probably ventured into fields near the village Sadulkheda when his eyes fell on a steel utensil lying abandoned. He wanted to drink water from it but as soon as he tried, his head got stuck in the utensil.

His sounds awakened up the villagers who found this strange site. But no one dared to help the panther as it roamed around helplessly.

Rajsamand forest official Kapil Chandrawal they received information around 10: 30 am in the morning today about the trapped panther. But they cannot ascertain when did the incident actually occur.

Chandrawal said they took the panther to their office in Rajsamand and tranquilised it. And then doctors pulled out the utensil stuck in its head.

The panther is fine now and it is being monitored and would be let off in the forest soon.

This is the first such incident of a panther’s head getting stuck in an utensil in the village. But panthers have been sighted in the vicinity of the village and surrounding areas often as it is about 13-14 km from the forest.

Also marble traders dump the marble waste in the area near the village which have formed sort of small hillocks, almost like a cave. The panthers often take refuge in these marble waste caves and use them as hideouts.

Kumbhalgarh sanctuary is about 30 km from this village.  

The broken hilly terrain with sparse vegetation provides suitable natural habitat to this big feline species.

The panther is an elusive and powerful animal and its population is declining with deforestation and it often ventures out of forests.    

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