Rajasthan withdraws ban on mawa

Rajasthan government today withdrew the ban imposed on mawa (dried milk used for preparing sweets) after a marathon meeting with mawa dealers, makers and sweet makers.

State health minister Rajendra Singh rathore, however, said although the ban has been withdrawn, the government will keep a strict check on adulterated mawa and milk products and would send samples for lab testing.

The government would also launch a awareness campaign to make the people aware of adulterated sweets and  milk products in this festive season.    

In an unprecedented move, the state government had banned mawa and all its products yesterday to thwart possible adulteration during Diwali.

Chief Food Safety Commissioner B R Meena had conveyed this to the Rajasthan High Court, which was hearing a petition seeking court intervention on adulterated mawa (by- product of milk) in the state.

The state government has banned mawa and mawa products in Rajasthan by an order dated October 7, Meena told the court.

Approximately around 15 lakh tonnes of mawa is consumed everyday in Rajasthan and more during the festive season , which soon kicks off with Navratris, Durga Puyja and Diwali.

The single judge bench of the High Court called the commissioner to take stock of the situation as to what action and precautions are being taken during Diwali.

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