Winter knocks on Rajasthan

Finally, winter seems to have made its presence felt in Rajasthan. A mellowed sun coupled with cold winds have forced people to bring out their woollens.

The temperature, which hovered between 17-18 degree Celsius in the past few days, was recorded at 12 degree Celsius in the morning.
The temperature in the afternoon went upto 22 degree but is likely to fall further in the night.

According to weather office, Rajasthan is likely to witness more rains in the next two days, which will result in further fall in temperature. The rains would help the Rabi crops further.

This year Rajasthan witnessed hot weather conditions even in the month of September and October. Even November seemed warm and people were wary whether this year winter will actually arrive.

But today’s cool weather has reassured the people that winter may have only been delayed. The woollens, the pakoras, the hot cuppa of tea, the gajaks and revris would all be there for people to enjoy in the short but welcoming winter over the next two months.

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