Kota suicide toll rises to 12 this year

Jaipur, Dec 3 : Another student committed suicide in Kota today, taking the total number of suicides to a dozen in this year.

A student preparing for his medical entrance at the Allen Career Institute, was found hanging in his hostel room in Kunhadi area today morning. Hailing from Ludhiana, he had been in Kota, the coaching hub, for the past three-four months.

The police found a handwritten note of VArun Punjabi, 19, saying nobody is responsible for his suicide and that his parents should pardon him for this extreme step.

According to police: “The note says nobody is responsible for his suicide. His friends say he has been quiet for the past few days. His parents are on the way. It could be because of stress too.”

Naveen Maheshwari, director of Allen Career Institute, where he studied, said: “Varun was a dropper, which meant he had cleared his XII last year. He had taken admission in August this year but he hardly attended classes. He did not attend any class in October and November. We have been sending his absentee notice to his parents regularly. His landlord can say more about his behaviour. It doesn’t seem a case of academic stress. We have individual helpline numbers for counselling but the boy may not have seen it.”

Kota gets 1.5 lakh students each year who prepare for their medical and engineering entrance exams every year, paying around Rs 70,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh for the course fees. Kota has seen at least 12 suicides this year alone.

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