Carbon footprint race in Rajasthan

Jaipur, Dec 8: Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje is all for clean, greener state and strongly believes in act locally to impact globally. In a first and innovative decision, she has directed all 33 districts of the state to start competing in reducing their carbon footprints.
The state government has decided that districts are to immediately initiate efforts in carbon footprint reduction cutting across sectors such as urban management, tree plantation, water conservation and recycling, controlling tailpipe emissions, encouraging greater use of solar and wind energy etc.
Officials revealed that ‘act locally to impact globally’ is the mantra behind the states’ priority of cleaner, greener cities. Through this, the state hopes to minimise impacts on global warming and climate change.
A committee, headed by additional chief secretary, Environment & Forests and having both official and non-official members from Energy, Transportation, Urban Development, Industries shall oversee work undertaken in districts and a third party ‘knowledge partner’ shall study the initiatives and rank the districts. The best performing district shall receive an award on World Environment Day 2016.
Rajasthan is already surging ahead with renewables with MOUs for over 40 GW of Solar Power generation in place, as against the government’s own target of 25 GWs. With this , Rajsthan is expected to play a significant role in India meeting its carbon reduction obligations. Priority protection of all existing forests is already underway. The state is also well known for its performance in plantation activity and there have been consecutive forestry projects funded by JBIC/JICA over the last two decades.

This decision by Rajasthan puts it clearly in the vanguard of states expressing their environmental commitments to create a cleaner and pollution free environment for all its citizens.

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