Two years of BJP rule: Cong harps on misuse of funds

As the ruling BJP gears up to celebrate its two years in office on Dec 13, there is but little opposition. A beleaguered
Congress though is crying hoarse about its misrule and the misuse of public money for extravagant functions.

While the Congress will hold demonstrations in all districts of the state on December 12 and seek Governor’s intervention in stopping the state government from misusing public money on its party workers in the name of the second anniversary of the state government, the BJP itself is expecting that its president Amit Shah would attend the mega rally and applaud Raje’s efforts in the state’s development, launching welfare schemes and fulfilling the promise of jobs for the unemployed youths.

The Rajasthan government will also launch Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojna (BSBY) for 1.10 crore families in Rajasthan on Dec 13.
The insurance scheme will not affect the existing Chief Minister Free Medicines and Diagnostic Scheme, as the proposed scheme is for indoor patients only. The proposed insurance scheme will benefit poor people, as they can get cashless treatment at private hospitals.

Meanwhile the Congress, perked up after the grand alliance win in Bihar, is questioning the misuse of public money. Congress state president, Sachin Pilot says: “The party faced defeat in Bihar election and its workers are demoralized. The BJP government in the state is planning a huge programme in the name of ‘second anniversary’ of the government to boost the workers’ morale. We would also highlight the misuse of public money and government machinery.”
The Congress says the government would ferry their party workers from all over the state to Jaipur for the anniversary programme which is not only unethical but misuse of public money. People’s hard earned money should not be spent on party workers. We will lodge a strong protest on December 12,” Pilot says.

On Dec 13, BJP president Amit Shah is set to address a mammoth rally of the party to mark the completion of two years of the government and enumerate its achievements. The government is said to have asked all its department to prepare individual reports citing the good work done in the past year.

But Congress, although a minority in the state, alleges that people are unhappy with the government, which has not fulfilled promises made during elections.
The Congress allege that at least ten lakh farmers are waiting for compensation for damage to crops but the government, instead of taking care of them, is looking to misuse crores of public money, the most blatant proof is Resurgent Rajasthan.

Pilot said that a representation addressed to the Governor would be submitted to district collectors after the demonstration in all the districts on December 12.

The Congress says crime against women, atrocities on Dalit and other offences have increased during BJP rule and the government has also failed in effectively providing basic needs like education and medical services.

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