Smart Singapore gives lessons on heritage

Jaipur, Dec 10: Singapore may be a smart city but it has not forgotten its senior citizens.

Special care has been taken to ensure that about nine lakh of Singapore’s senior citizens, who are in their evening of their lives get the best out of the smart nation. Technology has been used to make their lives meaningful and fulfilled by making their lives better through the use of technology.

Jin said after turning the city of Singapore as a smart city, the island country is now going to make the tiny island nation a smart nation.

Koh Lin Jin, the group director of Singapore’s International Development, while addressing the Municipalika 2015, said the average dwelling per kilometer of land in Singapore is 8000 persons, yet it’s the endeavor of the Singapore government to provide six square meter of green to each citizen. He said while Singapore is growing vertically because of paucity of land, all the high rise buildings have green spaces to ensure that the citizens do not live in a mere concrete jungle.

But is this possible for four of Rajasthan’s ancient cities Jaipur, Kota, Udaipur and Ajmer, which may get the status of smart cities? These cities have a blend of heritage and modernity, which should be retained at any cost, felt Jin.

Jin stressed today that the heritage zones of the four cities should preserve their old world charm and it should be ensured that the heritage values of these cities are not destroyed in the name of turning into smart cities.

Cities last centuries and successes depend on their ability to constantly adapt to new economic, social and technological context. Smart cities are also about bringing in together smart human capital, institutions and buildings.
Smart cities is all about embedding the latest digital technologies-from sensors and big data to solar panels in the master plan to optimize the urban clusters.

He warned: “The heritage zone is a reflection of an era and it speaks not only of the architecture and culture but much more. Each city has its own identity which should be preserved. Smart cities never mean destruction of the old order, instead use of the available facilities that could be upgraded. But in case of heritage zones all care should be taken to ensure that the heritage character of the city is not lost. This would be a great price to pay if the old order are changed like this.”

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