Pathan out, Lalit Modi in on RCA pitch

Jaipur, Dec 16: The controversy man Lalit Modi will again steer the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA), made possible after his rival faction withdrew the no-confidence motion against him.

Amin Pathan, who dared to overthrow the former IPL chief, withdrew from the race citing cricket came first.
The hearings were held in presence of former Supreme Court justice Gyan Sudha Mishra, to look into the issue of fresh no-confidence motion against Modi.

The formal announcement regarding the withdrawal of no-confidence and consequent return of Lalit Modi was done today after hearing all members of the 33 district councils.

Nine months ago on Oct 11, 2014, Modi was removed as RCA president by the no-confidence motion. But this was nullified by the Rajasthan High Court.

Later on March 9 this year, a second no-confidence motion was passed as the rival groups clashed amongst themselves. On September 14, Rajasthan High Court ordered issuing of fresh no-confidence motion.

The hearings of various factions and district cricket associations were on since Tuesday.

Pathan, who withdrew the motion said he was doing it in the interest of cricket as Rajasthan cricket and cricketers was suffering.

But cricket sources believe that the no-confidence was withdrawn not because of cricketing concerns. This was because teams from Rajasthan were already participating in BCCI tournaments and also four Ranji Trophy matches were held at the Sawai Man Singh Stadium this year. This happened after the Rajasthan High Court passed an order that cricket should continue irrespective of the RCA battle.

But Modi’s comeback at RCA will not make much of a difference for Rajasthan cricketers as BCCI will not continue to ban RCA as long as Modi is there. In 2013, Modi was expelled and was imposed life ban after serious charges of misconduct and indiscipline surfaced.

But sources say Pathan reached a compromise with Modi as he found it would be difficult get votes if the no-confidence motion against Modi is conducted. Some others say there was political pressure for him to withdraw. Pathan, who was serving as the acting president of RCA, is also heading the minority cell of BJP. There are others who say Modi had fallen out with his man Friday, Deputy vice president, RCA and legal counsel Mahmud Abdi and this made him come to certain terms with Pathan.

Pathan also said even if he was withdrawing the no-confidence motion, he would continue to fight to get the BCCI ban on RCA suspended. Sources say Modi has perhaps promised to award him a coveted post in RCA and perhaps step down himself.
Meanwhile, Modi has tweeted his Instagram message “I once again look forward to making RCA the best and most forward thinking association.”
He added: “Truth and hard work pays in the end. One must strive to never bend and walk away in life. Never cow down.”

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