Kite call

Jaipur, Jan 14: The craze of kite flying and the consequence harm to birds on the occasion of Makar Sankranti has led the Jaipur district collectorate to fix kite flying time. Kite flying is banned between can be 6-8 am and from 5-7 pm, when it is time for the birds to set out of home and return.

The orders were issued recently. “No one will fly any kind of kites from 6-8 am and from 5-7 pm. If a person found flying kites in that period, case will be filed against him under Section 188,” the order said. The sale of Chinese manjha has also been banned. This came into force after a seven-year-old boy died in Bassi, injured by a snapped kite string while riding a bike with his father. Chinese manjha is coated with glass or metal which gives it sharp edge.

A team of special officers comprising officers of administration, police and forest would move around the city and rural areas to ensure the enforcement of orders. NGOs would also cooperate with the team for treating injured birds.

Meanwhile, Jal Mahal witnessed the kite flying celebrations through its event called Jal-Mahal ki Pal. The unique event for tourists included exhibition of kites, kite flying competitions and cultural performances. Camel rides and traditional cuisines were the other attractions. Several lighted up kites were also sent up in the night sky.

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