Another mysterious balloon lands in Pali

Jaipur, Jan 30 : Rajasthan today witnessed another landing of a mysterious balloon in Pali district, raising fear and suspicion amongst the nearby villagers.

The administration, already under high alert after few balloons sightings in Pali and Barmer districts in the past few days, rushed to the spot.
The balloon landed in village Kheda Maharaj in Jaitaran area of Pali district, about 315 km from here) today afternoon. A radio type device was attached to it and it landed in a river. People gathered on the spot and informed the police.

Pali SP Deepak Bhargav said the balloon was most probably a meteorological balloon but he could not confirm from where it could have come. Bhargav said: “It seems to be a met balloon. There was a radio type device attached to it. It has been sent to the Air Force base in Jodhpur for further investigations.”

Another village, Tivoli in Pali district had witnessed landing of another balloon four days back. It was also sent to the Jodhpur Air Force base.
Bhargav said : “About half a km from Tivoli, the site where the balloon landed about four days back, we have found some unidentified debris, which have been sent for examination.”

On Jan 26, a Sukhoi 30 fighter aircraft had shot down an unidentified balloon-shaped object in Barmer district after the Air Force picked it up on its radar. The defence forces have been high alert, more so with the arrival of the French President then.

Although investigations are still on, but defence persons said it was likely to be a meteorological balloon.

A meteorological balloon is a weather sounding balloon that carries devices aloft to send back information about atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and wind speed with help of measuring device called radiosonde.

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