Jaipur: On the Smart drive….

Jaipur managed to get the third place in the list of 20 cities, selected in the first phase of Smart City project. The competition was said to have been between 97 cities, out of which Jaipur scored 73.83% out of 100 helping it gain the third slot. Udaipur, the Lake City from Rajasthan also cornered the 16th position.
Jaipur was the first to submit the Smart City Vision document. And at least 16.5 lakh people also sent messages to seal their city as Smart. And as a result Jaipur managed a 15 on 15 in its public participation section.

The essential factors that will make a city smart.

24 hours electricity supply: Special monitoring system
Adequate and pure water supply: Automatic Online chlorine monitoring system
Clean roads and daily garbage collection: Door to door garbage collection
Water harvesting
Smart metering
Super IT connectivity: apart from all houses having IT connections, and increasing the wi-fi area, all work including car parking would be done online.
Safe lanes for walkers
Cycles and battery run vehicles in designated lanes
Intelligent traffic system
Only walker and walking zones
Energy efficient street lights
Using vacant land for useful purpose
Visible improvement of area
Women, children and aged should feel secure in the city
Smart applications for billing, complaints should be done from home only

The Smart Plan

The proposed expenditure is Rs 2403.11 crore. Rs 1,521 cr will be spent on area based development, while Rs 819 crore for pan city.Remaining amount will be used as buffer.
Centre will give Jaipur Rs 500 crore.Out of which Rs 200 crore will be given in 2016 and the remaining as Rs 100 crore every year for three years thereafter.
Rs 500 crore from the state government. Rs 33 crore from Amrit Yojana. Rs 80 crore from Swachch Bharat Mission.
Rs 33 crore from Darshan Scheme. Rs 50 crore IPDS Scheme, Rs 10 crore from JIF project
Rs 15 crore from JDA
Rs 355 crore from PPP mode,The State has the right to involve private players for this.

Special Purpose Vehicle

The state government has already issued orders for setting up of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for development of Jaipur and Udaipur. Now the SPV will be registered under Companies Act.

Jaipur Municipal Corporation plans to use

Rs 888 crore on civic infrastructure
RS 483.65 crore on heritage and tourism development
Rs 150.32 crore on mobility
Rs 15 crore on communication and change management
Rs 60 crore on interest
Rs 432 crore on solid waste management
Rs 387 crore on multi-model mobility

Will general public be smarting under the Smart Plan?

Denizens of Jaipur would perhaps have to shell out more money as Urban development Taxas the Jaipur Municipal Corporation plans to levy tax to make Jaipur smarter.
A Tourism Development Fees is likely to be imposed on tourists on per night basis, who would use the smart devices in the city during their stay. The fees is likely to depend on the ranking of the hotels.

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