Pak must take action against terror groups: India

Jaipur, Feb 3: India reiterated its stand that most terror attacks emanated from Pakistan and it needs to take concrete action against terror groups operating against India on its soil if it wants to improve ties with us.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, while addressing the valedictory function of the two-day conference on Counter Terrorism here today, also emphasised that sincere action against terror groups by Pakistan would improve the bilateral relations between the two countries and will generate a peaceful, conducive atmosphere in the entire South Asian region. The conference was organized by India Foundation in collaboration with Rajasthan government.

But Singh as all the terrorists attacks in India have emanated from Pakistan, it will have to take strong and stringent action to rein in the various terror groups operating against India from their soil.
Singh also said that India’s guiding principle in handling terror related cases should be “Koi begunnah phanse nehi, koi ghunegar bache nehi.”(No innocent should be hanged or punished, no guilty should be spared.)

On the Pathankot episode, Singh said that as India had advance intelligent inputs and it helped the security agencies to neutralize the possible impact of the attacks. And that India was formulating an effective strategy to prevent such terror attacks in future.
Singh said the challenge of terrorism becomes difficult when certain states use it as an instrument of their foreign policy.

“They make perverse distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ terrorists. When the states begin covertly raising and indoctrinating bands of youth and equipping them with lethal weapons and weapon systems of mass destruction to promote their geo-political agenda, the magnitude of threat amplifies many times. It makes the task of defeating terrorism much more difficult,” he said.

Earlier foreign secretary S Jaishankar in an earlier session had said: “In India, we do not have the option to cut deals to buy peace. We have to confront. Some countries have delusions. Since Pathankot attack happened, we have been in touch with Pakistan at my level and at National Security Adviser (NSA) level because only by remaining in touch we can expect them to progress on basis of information provided to them.” He also said terrorism should not be confused with social media trending activities because new threats that have emerged does not mean old ones have gone away.

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