Coaching students may get fees refund

Coaching industry has some heartening news for student. According to the guidelines, which are likely to be implemented for all coaching centres across Rajasthan in the coming session, the student may get their fees refunded if they want to leave the course midway.

The new guidelines are in view of the rising number of suicides in the past few years. At least 19 students committed suicides lat in Kota and two students have killed themselves in 2016. Kota is considered as the coaching hub for students wanting to crack the tough engineering and medical entrance exams. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, Kota witnessed 45 student suicides in 2014, up 61 percent from 2013.

According to figures available, around 1.5 lakh aspiring engineers and doctors are Kota bound every year, stay in hostels, rent houses or stay as paying guests in cramped one room tenements. Their day starts early: by 6am, they head to coaching centres. After tuitions, it’s time for regular school or college. They don’t get free before 8 in the evening. After dinner, it’s study time again till they finally hit the bed. Some students say they have been asked not to sleep for more than six hours.

Constant stress, pressure to perform, high expectation of parents, the high and deterring fees of the reputed institutes and the long hours of studies and cramming have left many students in distress and depression. But with the high fees around Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh every year, students who cannot cope up often find themselves helpless and sometimes take the extreme step.

in view of the rising suicides, the Rajasthan government has decided to issue a framework of guidelines for both coaching institutes and students, so as to give the students some relief and help them prepare in a stress free environment. And the guidelines would not be only for the coaching institutes of Kota but across Rajasthan.

The stress is on easy refund policy for students who want to quit. Owner of coaching institutes have been asked to frame easy exit and refund policies and to make these issues transparent, especially in case of fees.
There are talks of a portal that should be developed where parents can find all the details of the coaching institutes. It should include number of enrolments, students studying in their and number of selections from the centres.

It has also been decided to give students a day off from their hectic schedule, when they can relax and rewind. The coaching institutes have also been asked to arrange sports activities , yoga and other entertainment activities to keep the minds relaxed.

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