We want to go back to univ, say suspended students

Jaipur, April 7: Students across universities spanning two states are in a dilemma. While the suspended students from Mewar University want to get back to their studies, students at Srinagar’s NIT want to leave their campus.

At least 16 students from Jammu and Kashmir, were suspended by the Mewar University management (seven from Jammu and nine from Kashmir) for creating ruckus in the campus after India lost to West Indies on March 31 in T20 World Cup, These students have been asked to appear before the University panel after April 25 to decide on their fate.

A hostel warden’s suspension is also under consideration.

Mewar University located in Gangrar, about 20 km from Chittorgarh town (310 km from here), has about 1000 students alone from Jammu and Kashmir and 23 other states.

It was in the news in March this year after a rumour about beef cooking by Kashmiri students sparked off brawls and ended with detention of four Kashmiri students.

The recent suspensions came on Tuesday after two groups of students- one from Jammu and other from Kashmir, fought with each other and indulged in anti and pro India sloganeering after West Indies defeated India on March 31. The police arrested nine students, who were then released on bail on Monday.

A suspended student of Mewar University, hailing from Jammu, said they naturally protested when Kashmiri students rejoiced and raised anti-India slogans after India’s defeat.

He said: “We could not tolerate such anti-India stance. So we also raised pro-Indian slogans then. We would do so again if faced with such a situation. Be it our university campus or anywhere else. The university management is biased towards Kashmiri students as almost 80% of the total students hail from there. We are under constant pressure as we are often threatened with suspension, expulsion and withholding of our degrees. It is an irony that we have been suspended for speaking up for our nation. ”
He added: “The seven of us from Jammu just want to lie low for now, get over with our suspension and get on with our studies and lives. We want our degrees at any cost. ”

These students have been admitted through All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and are studying under Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS) for students from Jammu and Kashmir. Their educational and other expenses are borne by the government while the student said his parents gave him a pocket money of Rs 2000 to 3000.

H. Bidani, the officer-on-special duty of Mewar University, refuting the claims of the suspending innocent students, said: “The campus has CCTV cameras installed at every nook and corner. The police and University browsed through 24-hour footage before arriving at the decision of suspension. They have been suspended because of indiscipline and creating nuisance on campus. Proper identification of each of the students’ was done before arriving at any action.”

Meanwhile, the situation in Srinagar’s National Institute of Technology continues to simmer.
A student from Alwar, studying at NIT said : “We are sitting on protesting today. The deputy Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Nirmal Kumar Singh, who was supposed to visit the campus today, did not do so because of security reasons. So one can imagine what kind of security is there for non-valley students.”
Another concerned parent in Jaipur, whose son studies in NIT, said : “Once this chaos is over, we would ask for migration of our son. ”

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