Cow census and cow parks on anvil

Rajasthan will launch a census of cows in the state and will set up cow parks to be known as gau abrayanyas.The only state to have a separate cow ministry, wants to discourage people from abandoning cows. Generally during drought, there is a tendency to abandon their cows.

The cow census will take into account the number of cows owned by the owners and also the stray ones.
The cow parks are likely to accommodate 10,000 cows which will include abandoned cows cows and those rescued from trafficking. The department is likely to keep a watch on the livestock owners and trace them if they leave the animals to fend for themselves.

There is a plan to sterilise around 52,000 oxen which to develop a better breed in the state.

Rajasthan had launched the animal health card scheme last year , which provides details of owner, number of animals, their age and other related information.

According to official figures, the cow count is 1.35 crore in the state.

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