Two wheeler manufacturers to give helmet with every buy

The two wheeler dealers in Rajasthan have agreed to withdraw their stir, held in protest of giving two free helmets to every buyer of a vehicle. This was decided after two wheeler manufacturers agreed in principle to give away helmets with every purchase. The helmets given would have to be ISI markedand should adhere to the safety standards.

But whether the helmets would be given out free or would be charged along with the price of the two wheeler is yet to be decided. A meeting of two wheeler manufacturers, dealers and the state transport minister Yunus Khan on April 28 will perhaps decide on the pricing of the helmet.
The state government wants safe riding for drivers but do not want to pressurise the manufacturers and dealers.Helmet is actually tax free now, if it is added along with the price of the two wheelers, it will come under the tax cut which may increase its price.

The two-wheeler dealers also have now pledged not sell two wheelers without helmets.

The helmets to be given to the customer has been made mandatory as several accidents in which the rider was not wearing a helmet, have been fatal.Road accidents remained one of the biggest killers in Rajasthan as the state registered rise of 4.5% in 2015 as compared to previous year.

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