No end to Rajasthan doc stir

Jaipur:, June 6 : The health care services in Rajasthan remained hit for the seventh day today. The resident doctors’ strike, which started on Monday last, is because of government’s insistence on sending their answer scripts outside the state for corrections, right before their exams.

The strike, has 4000 residents skipping work to protest the new examination pattern suggested by the Medical Council of India where their copies will be sent to other states for evaluation.
The government says it cannot go against the guidelines of the Medical Council and acting tough on the strike, it has asked residents not to work at government hospitals, vacate their hostels and not run parallel OPDs.

The government is on recruitment spree asking medical college principals to recruit 1300 medical officers. The government has terminated the services of 583 first year post graduation doctors. The termination of resident doctors was followed by a massive removal of resident doctors from college levels at various colleges in the state. Many doctors are reported to have been sleeping in cars, dormitories, corridors etc.

The state health department has taken a firm stand against the stir, “They go on strike without any rhyme or reason and sometimes four to five times in a year, and the patient suffers. We will not tolerate. When other residents in other states are not on strike after the MCI guidelines, then why in Rajasthan?” said Rajasthan health minister Rajendra Rathore.

But the strike is making patients suffer the most, especially those admitted to hospital wards. Each ward always has a minimum of two residents on duty along with nursing staff. A number of operations have been postponed which are not emergencies, though the government is reluctant to give figures.

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