Registration must for pregnant women for sonography

Jaipur, June 7 : Getting a sonography check during pregnancy is going to be difficult in Rajasthan for now on.
Pregnant women would now have to submit their details online and offline to undergo any sonography test. The Pre-Natal Diagnostic Technique (PCPNDT) Act has laid out new guidelines recently to make the law more stringent.
According to new guidelines, the sonography centres would have to register all the details of prescriptions of referred doctor, details of Form-F and other information offline and online before conducting the sonography test of pregnant women.They would have to upload all details of the patients before conducting sonography.

The new guidelines were decided at a recent meeting of PCPNDT State Advisory Committee. The step has been taken up to strictly prohibit the illegal practice of sex determination of foetus. Unfortunately,Rajasthan still reels under a skewed sex ratio, gender discrimination and obnoxious practice of female foeticide. As per 2011 census, India had a sex ratio of 908 girls per 1,000 boys while Rajasthan had a ratio of 893 girls per 1,000 boys. A survey on children below five years has alarmingly revealed the state has just 862 girls per 1,000 boys which has come down by 31 in the past four years.

The officials working under the PCPNDT law in the state have been conducting decoy operations to nab persons involved in activities like illegal sex determination and unsafe abortions since long.

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