RSCW goes online to empower women

Everybody is catching the social media bandwagon. Albeit a bit late, the Rajasthan State Commission for Women (RSWC) has now taken the social media route to empower women and to raise awareness on various women’s issues.

RSCW has newly launched online campaign,#ITforwoman to address women’s issues in a broader perspective. People can participate and support this campaign on social media including facebook and twitter with the name @ITforwoman.

The move is intended to provide an interactive platform where issues concerning women can be freely talked about and discussed. Suman Sharma, chairperson of RSCW, says : “It’s an initiative to be able to reach masses by making the best use of social media where they can express their Maan ki Baat.”

This campaign is likely to bring up various issues, especially the difficult ones related to women along with the recommendations of masses belonging to different walks of life, which would help the RSCW to attain deeper understanding and work to redress them.

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