Temple demolition triggers protests again

Jaipur, June 8: Jaipur is again witnessing flare-up over temple demolition. This time the temple in contention is the age-old Gauri Shankar Mahadev Mandir in Walled City’s Badi Chaupar.

The temple is coming in the way of Metro route from Chandpol to Badi Chaupar. The police and the demolition team had decided to bring down the temple on Wednesday and had barricaded the area beforehand. But as soon as they started the work, people in the area began protesting in front of the media. The agitated policemen entered into scuffle with the people and drove them away.

Dharohar Bachao Mandir Samiti, which is against any kind of demolition for the metro work, said an abhishek ceremony would be held on June 9 and another abhishek in blood would be performed on June 11 at the Rojgareswar temple, a temple which was demolished last year and then rebuilt at the same spot.

There is dispute over whether temple authorities gave the go ahead for temple demolition. While the temple authorities deny that they gave any kind of permission, the officials say otherwise.

Last year, after the government demolished some temples including the 200 year old Rojgareshwar temple, there were massive protests and bandh in the Walled City.

The official line regarding the demolitions has always been the 2009 Supreme Court order on illegal religious structures and that they have been removed following the directions of the Supreme Court empowered committee.

The Urban Development minister, Rajpal Singh assured that the temple would be rebuilt as soon as the Metro work is complete.

District Collector Siddharth Mahajan said the temple idols would be shifted after proper rituals conducted by the priests on June 9 and the shifting would be done with the consensus of the people.

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