Few takers for Rajasthan Univ’s Online admissions

Rajasthan University’s attempt to go fully online for its admission procedure this year, seems to be receiving a lukewarm response till now. Rimjhim Jain tours the Rajasthan University and finds many initial hiccups in making the process turn into a successful paperless campaign

Jaipur, Jun 11 : The Rajasthan University’s attempt to go completely online for the academic session 2016-17, seems to have had a lukewarm response till now.
Earlier, the process was only partially online whereby students had to first fill an online form, download it and then submit it physically.
The online admissions for undergraduate courses, which began on 6th June will end on 15th of June. Being entirely online this time, the process does away with standing in long queues to submit the form at the overcrowded counters, especially in the scorching summer heat. Apart from being paperless and hassle free, the move is to save time and energy of students and parents and officials.

Professor P.R. Sharma, convenor of the Prospectus Committee, University of Rajasthan, said : “This time we have started a completely online procedure. Until now students had to submit a hard copy along with the online application, which was a more time consuming process. This will not happen now.”

University of Rajasthan’s INFONET Centre has been made in charge of the online procedure and a new helpline number has also been started to help the students facing difficulties in filling the forms, especially those hailing from rural backgrounds.

Nalin Mandhu, a student from Alwar, says: “After my Class XII results, I wanted to apply for B.Sc (Hons.) in Physics from Maharaja College. With the online process, I could fill the form comfortably from my home. Just waiting for the cut-off list now.”

However, not everybody is enthusiastic about the online process.

Despite being a trouble free solution to the tedious form filling procedure, a record low number of forms have been generated till now. While there is no clarity on the exact reason behind the numbers, some say students prefer to wait till the last day.

Pawan Yadav, ex President- Maharaja College, Unit Secretary- ABVP, University of Rajasthan, says: “There is a tendency on the part of the students to wait until the last day for filling up the forms. But a huge traffic on the last day invariably crashes the server or makes it slow. Hence we have been advising students to fill up the form in the initial days only to avoid stress.”

For some others, Internet facilities are not easily accessible, especially for those living in remote areas. Even if they are available, many students find the procedure difficult to understand. They spend the initial days discussing their options with families and friends to avoid any errors.

Many also voice that even the software is full of technological errors, as a result of which it takes hours to fill up the form. “I have been trying for the last three days, but the server remains down. I went to the cyber cafe lastly to fill up the form. I think the system is technically poor and needs to be updated,” says Navya Sharma, a student from Bajaj Nagar.

Also for toppers, the Delhi University (DU) is the place to be, Hence they wait for DU’s cut off lists. When their chances seem bleak there, they apply for courses in RU, voice many teachers.

This year there would be only one cut off list. As a result those with low scores, who earlier expected to get their names in the second or third list, are not applying this year and are going for private colleges instead.

But maximum weightage for lower number of enrolments can be given to the percentile formula which discriminates between students from different boards. As per this formula, top 2% of the students from all the boards are kept in the same percentile slab of 98-100. For example, top 2% of the students from CBSE belong to 98-97 % range. While in case of RBSE, students scoring 88-98% come under the topmost percentile slab. So, more students from RBSE tend to get the seats while good scorers from CBSE are deprived. This has led to a drastic reduction in the number of CBSE students getting admission to the RU colleges.

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