Jaipur boy earns Cornell cover

Jaipur boy Divyansh Garg has made the city proud. A topper always, he has become one of the four students out of thousands who applied, to receive a 100% Tata scholarship for his four-years Computer Science major course in Ivy League Cornell University.Iram Tasleem of rajasthanpost.com delves to decipher the brilliant boy’s mind

He has a 100% scholarship from Ivy League Cornell University, sponsored by the Tatas. But Jaipur boy Divyansh Garg, all of 17, never knew about it until he earned it. Shy but academically brilliant, he has achieved a master stroke in terms of getting full scholarship for undergraduate studies in US.
On March 15 this year, Divyansh found a mail in his inbox from Cornell University about a Tata Scholarship. Divyansh Garg told rajasthanpost.com : “Never having heard of it before, I initially assumed it was some ordinary scholarship. It took me some time to register the magnitude of the achievement.”

The Tata Scholarship Fund supports approximately 20 scholars at any given time and ensures that the very best Indian students have access to Cornell, regardless of their financial circumstances. The scholarship is awarded annually, recipients receive the scholarship for the duration of their undergraduate studies at Cornell.Ratan Tata, 59, B. Arch ’62, is a Cornell architecture graduate and now trustee and the chairman of Tata Sons, the holding company of the Tata Group, one of India’s oldest, largest, and most respected business conglomerates.

Divyansh says the scholarship doesn’t have a separate qualification round, the common app application to Cornell University itself serves as the medium for evaluation and qualification of a student for the Tata Scholarship. But he thinks that the criteria for qualifying for the scholarship is up to Cornell and the qualification process remains unrevealed to the applicants. He confides : “However, I feel it must have been a tough round given that only 4 students received the scholarship out of thousands that applied to Cornell. I had won a gold medal in IJSO – 2013 (International Junior Science Olympiad) which probably cliched it for me. My strong academic abilities and a 35 ACT (American College Testing) score also helped me out.”
Divyansh has decided to major in Computer Science in Cornell. He says : “I am fascinated by the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and plan to specialize in it, in the future.”

Hailing from a business family himself, his father is into pharmaceuticals, Divyansh says he has always been studious. He cleared his class X with a CGPA 10 and in class XII, has a PCM aggregate of 99.38%.
He says: “Studying is my passion. I daily studied about 6-7 hours.”

Divyansh has done his schooling from from Neerja Modi School in Jaipur. Apart from his parents and one cousin who is also studying in Cornell, Divyansh says : “My teachers guided me. I am also very grateful to the vice-principal and principal of my school who helped me a lot with my college applications.”

Divyansh applied to Harvard and two more Ivy League colleges but since he received the best offer from Cornell, he chose it.

But it is not as if it is all work and no play for Divyansh. He likes swimming and swims twice a day. And when in the mood, he does play his guitar.

Is he ever stressed? No, says Divyansh as he likes studying and it is not forced. He,however, adds: “Continuous studying for long hours can stress one out. I have found that short breaks in between can help a lot in such cases. Having some sports participation or talking to friends can help in relieving stress.”

And he ardently believes sin self-studying. He says he did attend some coaching institutions for IIT preparation. “Attending coaching gave me good study material and the regular tests helped me in improvement, nevertheless, I believe it is the self-study that finally counts.”

About the rising number of suicides in coaching hub, Kota, he says : “Parents want their children to go into money-earning jobs, mostly engineering or medicine. Sometimes their interests are not aligned with their parents which demotivates them. The students get too pressurized due to the competitive environment in the coaching institutes. I believe students should take up careers in fields they are passionate about and they should have the freedom to take their own decisions.”
Divyansh is all ready to pack his bags for Cornell and start classes in September. For all those students, who may want to emulate Divyansh and follow in his steps, the simple truth about achieving success is as Pele, one of the greatest footballers, had said: “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

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