A 47 year long wait for Gold Medal

81 year Retired IAS fights 47 year long battle for his gold medal

It was an unusually long wait for 81 year old retired IAS officer Ajeet Singh Singhvi to receive his gold medal for an exam he passed way back in 1969. He had to literally sweat it out in the courts to receive an honour which he truly deserved.

After a 47 year long wait, he was finally given away the gold medal and certificate by the Vice Chancellor of Rajasthan University J.P. Singhal on Thursday in Jaipur.

It was a long fight that involved attending almost 300 court hearings but he was confident of his victory. He says, “the gold medal now is of no utility to me except its symbolic value. It would have added to my status if I got it on time. The saddest part is my alma mater Dungar College of Bikaner was deprived of the pride. It was for the first time in the history of the college that someone had got gold medal.”

He had secured highest marks in LLB examination of 1969 but he was given a second position reportedly to allow the University Law College Jaipur maintain its merit track record. To ensure their hold over the merit, merit was counted only on the basis of final year marks, whereas in aggregate Singhvi had received the highest marks.

He challenged the result in the court asserting that the merit list should have been made on the basis of all the 14 papers. His plea was accepted by the court and he finally won the case from Rajasthan High Court in 2003.

But still it took another 12 years to receive the gold medal in person. Better late than never! He says, All is well, that ends well.

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