Arjun Meghwal : Bike buzz at swearing in

Arjun Meghwal, MP from Bikaner is today’s buzz. Not because he would be included in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s much awaited Cabinet expansion but whether he would be allowed to cycle into the much hallowed Rashtrapati Bhawan. Finally he did cycle into the swearing in ceremony, along with Mansukh Mandaviya, setting a new eco-conscious benchmark for fellow Parliamentarians.
Meghwal, 61, is an ace Parliamentarian. A former IAS officer, Meghwal first won the 2009 Lok Sabha election. He went on to win the best Parliamentarian Award in the 15th Lok Sabha. Meghwal was appointed the BJP’s chief whip in the Lok Sabha and asked to ensure attendance of all BJP MPs.
But Meghwal is also a member of the informal Climate Club of Parliament, which fellow member Anil Madhav Dave, founded.
Meghwal says cycling is his way of contributing to cut carbon emissions, a call given by Prime Minister Modi. He travels about 1.6 km on his red and black Hercules cycle from his home in Windsor Place to Parliament. It is his way of keeping fit also and also to keep in touch with the common man.

Meghwal was seen asking permission for peddling his way into the swearing in ceremony today. Meghwal,considered to be eco-friendly, was the first MP to use a speed cycle to get to work when Delhi government implemented its famous odd-even rule, which banned private cars to ply on the designated day, to curb pollution.

In Britain, MPs of all parties joined forces this year in February, calling for significant increase in funds allocated for cycling, to make cycling a safe and normal activity for people of all ages. Some of the MPs there too cycle to Parliament.

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