Maharani College opens door for special students

Jaipur, July 5: For the first time, at least six hearing and speech impaired girl students have been admitted to city’s top-ranked college, the Maharani College, giving hopes to many other like them.

This year is the first time that Rajasthan University has allowed such students to take admission in undergraduate courses. The first batch of six girls would complete their courses in BA (Pass).

One of the girls Hemlata Jaiswal, never thought she would be able to continue her studies after XII grade. Most of these students usually drop out after their school as regular colleges do not take admissions. Other who are serious about continuing their education, are forced to enrol in Open Universities

Maharani College is set to appoint translators to help the students cope up with the teaching process.

The students’ mentor Y S Naruka, says it is a dream come true for these girls as they worked hard and really wanted to get the feel of normal college life.

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