Lack of brain, not rain results in drought: Waterman Rajendra Singh

Lack of brain, not rain results in drought: Waterman Rajendra Singh

“The reasons of drought in the country is not due to scarcity of rain but because of scarcity of brain, that is people are still not aware that effective water harvesting and water conservation is imperative,” believes Waterman Rajendra Singh.

Water belongs to the people and effective water management is not possible without people’s participation, he added while delivering a keynote speech on the occasion of the 35th Foundation Day of NABARD in Jaipur on Tuesday.


He said groundwater table is being heavily exploited but the quantity of water extracted is not being recharged. Without proper rainwater harvesting mechanisms in place, rainwater is going down the drains.

He said Rajasthan always had an exemplary tradition of water conservation. The state was far ahead in practicing the three Rs—Reduce, Reuse, Recyle. But with the pipelines reaching homes, it is available at cheaper rates in urban areas but for the rural folks, it is still an expensive commodity.

“Prestigious 2015 Stockholm Water Prize” and Magsaysay Award Winner Rajednra Singh was speaking on the theme of “Water awareness and water conservation”.

P.K. Jena, Chief General Manager, Reserve Bank of India, Jaipur, S K Patankar, Deputy General Manager, State Level Bankers’ Committee (SLBC), Rajasthan were also present on the occasion.

Sarita Arora, Chief General Manager, NABARD, Rajasthan Regional Office, Jaipur said NABARD is emphasizing people’s participation in all the watershed development projects and credit facilities will be intensified to fully benefit watershed community through its refinance activities.

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