Angel Kabadis

Only honest hearts can produce honest actions, goes a saying. Housewife Shanti Bhadu of Hanumangarh district learnt it the hard way. While giving away old newspapers, books and other sundry items to kabadiwalas on Tuesday, little did she realise that she was giving away Rs one lakh cash along with them. Tucked away in between the newspapers, the packet just went to the kabadiwalas along with all other scrap.

But what really made their hearts leap was that the kabadiwalas, Shankar and Surendra Verma, brothers came back and handed over the money to the Bhadus. A story of honesty that touched their hearts and made them realise that trust and faith exist in today’s cut-throat world.

Kabadiwalas Shankar and Surendra, who roam the entire day villages after villages, had found the money while sifting through the daily collections. Surprised they found wads of Rs 100 and Rs 500 notes, totalling to Rs 1 lakh. Honest and fair, they at once decided to return the money. But what compounded their problem, was how could they find out who was the owner.

First they decided to search through their entire collection to find any clue about the owner. They found Shalu Poonia written on one of the books and went to many of the villages the next day , looking for Shalu Poonia.

As luck would have it, Shalu happened to be the granddaughter of Bhadus. They found the Bhadu house and handed over the money to them, surprising the Bhadus even more than themselves.

The Bhadus, had till then, not realised that their money had gone. Kishore Bhadu, the owner said he had borrowed the money for repaying a loan and had kept it in a box amongst the old books and newspapers.

Thanking them for returning the cash safe and sound, Bhadus said Kabadiwalas were god-send for them.

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