Dying cows in Hingonia spurs political blame game

At least 45 to 50 cows are dying everyday in the state government run Hingonia cow shelter in Jaipur, is creating a furore in political circles of the state.
While launching a direct attack on RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP and BJP, Congress Party says that cow conservation organisations are not on the radar or anywhere to be seen when more than 300 cows have died in the past two weeks in the Jaipur Municipal Corporation controlled Hingonia gaushala.

Congress state chief Sachin Pilot lashed out at the government saying when BJP stresses so much significance on cows and their well-being, why are the cows dying in the state’s biggest shelter for want of fodder and medicines. The employees there are not being paid their dues , there is unrest amongst the staff and as such the place is not being cleaned up, resulting in it being slippery and muddy with cows falling and injuring themselves.And with rains, the fodder is also getting soggy and muddy and as such are not ready to eat them,

Taking a dig at the recent incident of flogging of Dalits for skinning the dead cows, Congress leaders that BJP and its allied units are not in the least bothered about the deaths of the cows or their well being.

While urging for a probe in the matter, former Chief mInister Ashok Gehlot has also criticised the government’s attitude towards the welfare of the cows and have attacked it on Twitter and Facebook, saying “Media reports about Hingonia Gau-shala are heart wrenching. Ninety cows have died in last two days and 500 in last two weeks, due to official apathy. This high number of deaths because of lack of proper care is most shocking and that too in Jaipur, where all government offices responsible for animal welfare are headquartered.

There have been reports of malpractices in Hingonia gaushala for long. Even Rajasthan High Court had to pass an order to probe irregularities. Despite inquiries, ACB criminal cases related to gau-shala, the situation has only worsened in the past months. The state government should immediately direct the officials to improve the conditions in the gaushala, so that no more cows die due to starvation. A committee be formed to look into maintenance, upkeep, cleanliness and feeding of cows. A time bound probe should be ordered and action taken against officials for dereliction of duty.”

According to sources, the cow shelter gets about Rs 15 crore annually for its maintenance with Rs 10 crore earmarked only for fodder and clean water. And there 17 veterinary doctors and 40 nursing staff prescribed for the shelter. But even then at least 1000 cows are dying every month.

There have no official response on these allegations till now.

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