BJP still arrogant after losing local body polls : Pilot

With the Congress winning 19 seats out of the total 37 seats in the recent local body and panchayat polls, the party is upbeat but knows just winning these seats is not enough. Congress state president Sachin Pilot says so in no little terms. He says “although the results are encouraging but the party needs to pull itself up, learn from its mistakes and get together its act as the common people are looking at us with hope.”

Elaborating on the difference in the total number of votes, Pilot said in these elections, Congress received 60,240 votes whereas BJP just managed 47,302 votes which shows that support base of BJP is shaken in the rural areas. He said people know that corruption is rampant in this government and no action is taken against those found guilty like the one in mining scam.

At the same time, he derided the BJP for being so arrogant despite losses in the panchayat polls. He said instead of admitting that their support base is diminishing, they are giving statements that shows them in poor light.

Outwardly BJP may be ignoring Congress’s talk about big wins and big margins in the panchayat polls, inwardly the party has begun introspection and analysis. They have already asked for detailed reports from the districts where they have had to face losses. Some districts where the BJP faced losses, are under three ministers in the state Cabinet.

In Bharatpur’s Nadbai, the BJP candidate has lost the Nagar Palika elections, which is tourism minister Krishnendra Kaur Deepa’s constituency. BJP has lost all three seats in Ajmer, which has come as a shock for BJP.

And with deaths of the cows in the state-run Hingonia gaushala hitting national headlines and becoming an embarrassment for the government, the BJP is now on the backfoot. Political observers say the party smarting under the antics of its gau-rakshaks needs to pull up before it faces another Assembly elections in two and half years time.

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