Rajasthan to conduct exams for class V

Jaipur, Aug 24: Rajasthan, which is one of the first states to roll out educational reforms, has brought back the compulsory exams in Class V, to ensure and maintain the educational quality of students and to arrest the dropout rate.

Rajasthan will perhaps become the first state in the country to conduct compulsory exam for Class V students in March 2017. Officials say it is being done being done keeping in mind the mass dropouts after primary classes. It has also been the first state to introduce screening in Class VIII two years ago.

A survey report in 2014 revealed only 15.3% students could read sentences of Class III, while only 23.6% of Class V students could do division of Class III level.

The exam will be held district wise but results will be declared at the state level. The charge of conducting the exam was given to District Institute of Education and Training (DIET).

However, nobody will be declared pass or fail in this exam as students will be given grades.The move aims to check declining learning levels-reading, comprehension and mathematics-in government schools in the state. It is estimated that 17 lakh students will take part in the exam.

A notification to this effect was issued recently .In keeping with the spirit of Right to Education Act-2009 which says that no student can be detained till Class VIII, students with poor grades will be given remedial classes to make them fit for the next class.

Students who will score poorly will be divided into groups according to their scores. They will be given extra classes subject wise to improve their learning levels.

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