Jodhpur man offers kidney to Sushma

Jaipur, Nov 18 : A young farmer from a village Akalkhori about 80 km from Jodhpur has offered to donate his kidney to External Affair minister Sushma Swaraj.

The minister had tweeted about her kidney failure and the need for a transplant on Nov 15.

Vishek Vishnoi, 33, is an ardent admirer of Swaraj and lauds the minister’s quick responses to anybody who asks for help. He said : “Sushmaji has tried to help everybody in distress whether they are those working abroad or in India. She has helped hundreds of labourers working in Gulf by evacuating them. She has helped a girl from Pakistan get a medical seat here, She helped a Jodhpur groom marry his bride from Pakistan by helping with visa. Innumerable times she has helped. Now when she is in distress, the least we can do is offer our kidney.”

He has tweeted his offer on Twitter handle and also on Facebook. He tweeted to Sushma Swaraj : “I can donate, no terms and conditions just contact me, I will come Delhi.” He has given his phone number as well.

Vishek is physically and medically fit. He added: “I can live with one kidney. I have seen and heard about so many people surviving after donating their kidney.”

A farmer, who grows peanuts and cumin, Vishek is an environmentalist as well. He had earlier worked in West Africa, Delhi and Gurgaon. He has planted a number of trees and fought with authorities to take forward his drive. His father is also environmentalist farmer and has received awards in recognition of his work.

Vishek’s father has no objections to his son’s donating the kidney if it is for a good person. But Vishek has to take care of his two young children aged six and four as his wife passed away a year back working on the fields.

Vishek is not sure of his blood group, unusual for someone who is tweeting his help to Sushma. He said perhaps it is AB negative. He also doesn’t know of the many others who have offered their kidneys for madame minister.

Traffic constable Gaurav Singh Dangi, 26, of Madhya Pradesh, had tweeted : “I want to donate my kidney to you and my blood group is O positive. One can live with one kidney. There can be no better things to do than donate the other kidney to a needy person.”

One Ali Imran Naqvi has also tweeted: Although with responsibility of a 5 year-old-son, I can offer my kidney to u for nation’s good. I m O+. May Allah s.w.t help u!.”

Another of Sushma’s follower, Nikhil Dadhich has written: “If you wish. I am ready to donate my kidney for you. Nation needs your services.”

Sushma Swaraj herself has thanked her followers profusely, tweeting : “Some friends have also offered their kidneys for my transplant. I have no words to express my deep sense of gratitude towards them.”

But Vishek, who seems to be enjoying the two-minute Twitter fame, however, would not help any aam admi in distress. His kidney offering are only for the likes of Anna Hazare , bureaucrat Ashok Khemka and no less than Narendra Modi.

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