Chill chaiwala !

Tea-sellers seem to be the buzz these days and increasingly trending on the social media.

Starting from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the newly appointed Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam, there are some more tea vendors who are making news.
OPS as Paneerselvam is known, started a tea stall named PV Canteen in 1970. Ten years later, he gave the canteen to his brother Raja. It is from here that he started his political career in 1996.
Then there’s Gujarati tea vendor, Kiran Mahida from Vadodara, who was one of the proposers of Modi’s name during his Lok Sabha elections.
Mahida has now become a pioneer of sorts by becoming one of the first chaiwalas to accept payment through PayTM. A votary of Modi’s cashless theory, he says very soon he is going to install swipe machines in his stall to let customers enjoy his tea, without being bothered about khula paisa.

But it is not hunky and dory for all chaiwalas. Rajkumar, a tea-vendor from Jaipur had an exactly opposite experience.

In fact, Rajkumar’s ordeal began after demonetization. He was taken completely aback when some income-tax department officials knocked at his door and accused him of converting black money into white. His account showed a balance of Rs 4.8 crore.

Rajkumar sells tea outside Jaipur’s Udyog Bhawan, a busy area where government officials often come to his place for that hot cuppa. He earns a few thousands and crores are somethings which he has not even seen till now.

And that day the I-T department officials did not want tea. They wanted him to reveal his sources, but Rajkumar could not fathom what were they talking about.

Rajkumar was finally taken to the bank where the bank officials admitted that it was a human error committed by the bank officials. It turned out that the vendor had deposited 48 notes of Rs 1,000, which was entered in the account with extra zeroes.

Unfortunately, because of this error, he had to undergo an inquiry that reportedly lasted for two days. And by the end of the second day, his chai had become cold and his dreams a bit blurred.

But thankfully, the error has brought him some fame too, with many people now flocking to listen to his money tale and sip his garam chai.

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