Rajasthan bans rearing dairy animals at homes

Jaipur, Feb 3 : Rajasthan government has banned rearing of dairy animals in residential areas within city limits. An amendment in the Rajasthan Municipal Act-2009 has introduced this new provision.

As per the amendments, people will now not be able to to keep even a single dairy animal in the residential premises. If anybody goes against this provision, the Municipal Corporation will have the power to take possession of the animal. Now people who wish to keep dog, cats and other four legged animals along with dairy animals, need to get a licence from the local body.
If the civic body finds any such animal at public places, then it will have the power to take possession of the animal, which can be retrieved by the owner through a certificate.

The animal would also be tagged before being released. If the tagged animal is found roaming again in public places, then the owner would have to deposit twice the fine. The civic body would also have the power to auction the unclaimed animals.

Six years ago, the Rajasthan High Court had put a ban on animal dairies in residential areas.

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