Leftists’ tried to distort Indian History: Devnani

Leftists’ tried to distort Indian History: Devnani

Jaipur, March 3. Rajasthan state minister for education, Vasudev Devnani today said a distorted version of India’s history has been presented by those with left leanings.

Speaking at the launch of a special issue of Pathey Kan on the battle of Haldighati here today, he said history is replete with references of Akbar being great. But the researches so far have revealed that Maharana Pratap was great who set a record of fighting with the Mughals.


Devnani further added if Akbar was victorious in Haldighati, why did he fight six battles with Maharana Pratap. He said India is great and truly so. Gandhi is great because he fought with the British for India’s freedom. A warrior fighting on the border is given the status of martyr then. One who fights for the motherland is great so why Maharana Pratap is not great.

But those with Left leanings have written and taught distorted history for their own vested interests, he said.

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