A musical Khamoshi

Media person, creative artist and director of Saara Creations, Saleha Gazi pays tribute to the memory of renowned lyricist and poet Sahir Ludhianvi through her maiden solo play Bolti Khamoshi on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8
Iram Tasleem caught up with her….

Tell us about Bolti Khamoshi?

Bolti khamoshi-Ek Adhuri Mohabbat is biographical sketch of renowned Bollywood lyricist and poet Sahir Ludhianvi. It is a solo musical play in storytelling style based on his enigmatic relationship with literary icon Amrita Pritam.
The stage show has been organised on the Women’s Day, which is incidentally also the birth anniversary of the late poet, who always remained one of the most vocal supporters of women’s rights.

How does this play relate to women?

Sahir Ludhianvi was one of the most gifted writers portraying and recognising various roles and contribution of women in society through his writings. His Bollywood songs like Aurat Ne Janam Diya Mardo ko…., Babul ki duain leti Jaa… , Bhaiya mere rakhi ke bandan ko Nibhana…are unforgettable. So we will celebrate Women’s Day in a different style through this musical play.

How did you conceptualize the play?

I have read Rasidi Ticket, the autobiography of great writer Amrita Pritam where she mentions her unrequited affection and love for poet Sahir Ludhianvi. Since then, it was in my mind to do something. Later, when I read Sahir Ludhianvi’s songs and poems, I decided to pay a tribute through the musical play, I have titled as Bolti khamoshi-Ek Adhoori Mohabbat.

As a creative person, is Women’s Day important for you and should everyday be celebrated as Women’s Day?

Absolutely ! It is wonderful that this day is dedicated to women but it would be real joy if our personal lives be lived as on Women’s Day by us all.

As a theatre artist, how do you see the position of women in theatre, especially in Rajasthan?

I feel theatre is a very powerful medium to express and explore oneself. One can raise social issues and relate directly to the audience. I have myself done many plays including a play on the issue of oral talaq named Saara-Ek-Afsana.
Traditionally, reaction to women in theatre in Rajasthan has always been positive and now it is a good sign to see corporate sector showing interest in the growth of theatre.

Finally, how challenging it is to do a solo theatre performance ?

Yes,solo performance is very challenging. You don’t get an exit for even a second from stage but at the same time it is very satisfying since you are completely immersed in the character.

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