Raje at her poetic best

Jaipur, March 8: Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje loves to recite couplets while presenting budgets every year. Today being her birthday, Raje’s verses flowed effortlessly. A glimpse into her poetic mood at the state assembly today:

“Jis din se chali hun, manzil pe hai nazar,
Aankhon ne kabhi meel ka patthar nahin dekha.”
(From the day I have started my journey, my eyes are set on the destination. I haven’t waited to count milestones.)

“Hounsle hon buland to mutthi me har mukam hai,
Mushkilen aur museebaten to zindagi me aam hain.”
(If your spirits soar high, your goal is in your hands.
Coz hardships and troubles are so common in life.)

“Harek raah me chirag jalana hai mera kaam,
Tewar hawaon ke main dekha nahin karti.”
(To illuminate each pathway is my job,
I hardly care how strong the wind blows.)

“Janta ke har vaade ko nibhaane ki koshish ki maine,
Uske har harf ko ibadat banane ki koshish ki maine
Mere haath me jo dastavez hain, pukhta saboot hai iska,
Ki har zakhm par marham lagaane ki koshish ki hai maine.”

(I have tried my best to fulfill all promises made to the people,
I have tried to see their each word turns into a prayer,
The documents I have in my hands can strongly endorse
That I have offered a healing touch to one and all. )

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