Timeless twirls

A classical kathak and contemporary group dance performance ‘Timeless’ by Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company was held at Navras at Jawahar Kala Kendra on Friday. The performance revolved around the notion of ‘time’. Through the act, questions such as – ‘Is time reversible?’; ‘Is there time, or are there many times?’; ‘Does time end?’; ‘Does time flow?’ , among others are pondered upon. The dancers move around and between each other while often adding to the music by stamping their bare feet as they dance. They are constantly on the move and use a mixture of speech, sound and movement as they explore their universal theme – time.

As a part of the ongoing Performing Art Festival ‘Navras’ JKK’s unique in-house theatre in education – Tilchattey ki Diary was performed today. Revolving around the theme of climate change, the objective of the play was to stimulate the audience to think proactively and come up with workable solutions to real-world problems.

The play has grown out of a unique and intense process of collaboration. It was a story without a hero or heroine or a villain. It had two cockroaches, one chicken, a farmer, a young girl and two boys who are both subjects and objects – they act and are acted upon. None of them comes out a winner but all of them are losers to some degree. This unique theatre-in-education performance narrated the tale of people and other beings whose lives are affected in one way or another.

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