Women burnt alive, police deny

Jaipur, March 27 : A woman was allegedly burnt alive for protesting against cutting down of trees on her land and acquiring her land for road construction in a village near Jodhpur. However the police are denying it, saying the women self-immolated herself.
The incident occurred on Saturday in a village called Hariyadana about 100 km from Jodhpur and 350 km from Jaipur.
SHO of the Borunda police station Suresh Choudhary told Rajasthan Post that the 28-year-old woman and her family of three brothers and two sisters had some land dispute. They however, gave their consent for land acquisition on March 17 for widening of the road, which passes through their land.
The police say the young woman, had initially objected to the cutting of trees in her farm for the widening of a road in the village. Although some villagers say a group of villagers allegedly attacked her, poured petrol on her and set her on fire , the police deny it. She died in hospital on Sunday.
The police say they are investigating allegations that the sarpanch or head of her village, Ranveer Singh, and revenue official Om Prakash were among those who set her on fire but nobody has been arrested as yet.
Suresh Chaudhary also said the woman died far away from their land and hence the allegations against sarpanch and other people of setting her on fire, does not hold.

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