Summer time already !

Jaipur, March 30 : March is yet to end but the sweltering heat and the blazing sun are worrying people, who fear the extreme heat during actual summer time, would not augur well for all.

It is like summer time has arrived even before the advent of summer months of May and June. A severe heat wave has gripped Rajasthan, where temperatures have touched above 40 degree Celsius in most parts. While Barmer on the state’s western border and Churu on the northeastern border has recorded a high of 43.4 degree Celsius while Jaipur has recorded a high 40 degree Celsius.

According to Skymet Weather Services, the southwesterly winds from Central Rajasthan and Pakistan are blowing over these regions leading the maximums to mount several notches above the normal.

Even in the last 24 hours, the day temperatures across most parts settled at least 5 to 7 degrees beyond their normals in Rajasthan. Moreover, the absence of any significant weather system is also a major contributing factor for the prevailing heatwave conditions across most parts of the state.

In its summer outlook for this year, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has already predicted that temperatures — minimum, maximum as well as the mean — are likely to be “above normal” till June in every meteorological sub-division of the country.
Northwest India and the plains near the Himalayas are likely to face warmer summer this year with temperatures likely to be more than 1°C above normal.

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