Dargah Dewan rejects his removal from post

Jaipur, April 5. Saiyyad Januel Abedin, the spiritual head of the Ajmer dargah has refuted reports of his removal from the post of Sajjadnashin, as claimed by his brother.

Addressing a press conference in Ajmer today following the controversy created by his statement appealing Muslim to abstain from beef consumption and triple talaq, he said Islamic fundamentalists were up in arms against him.

He asserted he was the spiritual head of the shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty and shall remain so till his death. He also declared his son his heir and the next dargah dewan after his death.
DEWAN SB.2015a
He said fundamentalists have always targeted him and tried to malign his image. He made it clear that the post of Dargah Dewan, though a spiritual one was hereditary and is ruled by the Supreme Court judgement of 1987.

He said triple talaq in one sitting is against the rules laid down in Shariat laws. If some fundamentalists try to mislead the community in the name of religion, he would continue to give them a befitting reply.

He was he is Dargah Dewan as per the orders of the Supreme Court and he declared his eldest son Sayyed Nasiruddin Chishti his heir who has continued to perform religious rites in his absence.
He said his brother S. A. Alimi has no legal sanctity or rights to remove from his place.

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