Jaipur tops in toilet count, fifth in India

Jaipur has come fifth in the country in the race to build individual household toilets in the year 2016-17. Nearly 2.69 lake toilets have been constructed in the year 2016-17 I the rural areas.

A target of 2.12 lakh was given to the administration under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Not only has the target been achieved, it has overshot the target by more than 28 percent.

Jaipur district has topped among all the 33 districts in Rajasthan

The rural bodies headed by sarpanch and other panchayat members created awareness amongst rural population, who were encouraged to build and use toilets in the past one year. The campaign was different from other districts as the panchayat members became the resource persons in this case instead of the higher state officials. So interacting with rural folks and making them understand in their own local language, persuading them became easier.
Jaipur Collector Siddhartha Mahajan said all 532 gram panchayats in the district competed in the right spirit to achieve much more than the target with individual and collective zeal.

Jaipur city stands behind four districts of West Bengal that top the list of construction of toilets.

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