Twitter explodes on Panagariya exit from Niti Aayog

Why has Arvind Panagariya resigned from his post of Vice-chairman of Niti Aayog? These questions are bound to be asked and there would be innumerable explanations as well. But before any official statement is out, Twitterati have already exploded with their own explanations.

The 64-year-old economist, who hails from Jaipur, says he will return to academia in US. And August 31 is going to be his last day in his office? He was appointed as the head of rejigged panel in 2015. He held Cabinet rank.

The Twitter has gone agog with Panagariya’s sudden resignation.

One Twitter user by the name of Amit Kumar tweeted a quiz asking:
“What annoyed Arvind Panagariya of Niti Aayog to quit? Is it
Cow politics
Totalitarian approach
Media taming
Opposition witchhunt”

Another Harvir Singh tweeted: “Arvind Panagariya’s resignation means some contradictions in NITI and Niyat”

As early as July 20, Panagariya had said at the United Nations : “India’s GDP could rise to about $ 8 trillion over the next 15 years if the country registers an economic growth of 8 per cent annually and come very close to eliminating abject poverty entirely, “

So what went wrong within these 10 days?

He said with that level of economic growth, living standards and amenities that are taken for granted in the west will become accessible to a very large part of the population in India in the coming 15 years.

“Today, the Indian economy is among the major economies, the fastest growing economy, it has now left China behind. It grew in real dollars in the last 15 years ending 2016-17 (at) about 9 per cent,” Panagariya said at an interactive multi-stakeholder panel hosted by India’s Permanent Mission to the UN, the NITI Aayog and think-tank Research and Information System for Developing Countries.

Some suggest that all was not well between Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant and Panagariya.

A twitterati by the the name of Arun Shourie Fan tweeted: “Arvind Panagariya resigned! This should be the biggest success NitiAyog have achieved, after screwing up Indian economy & jobless India.”

Geet Varun tweeted : “Arvind Panagariya, One of the Very Few Unheeded & Ignored Economists in Incompetent Modi Sarkar, Resigns”

Another Anil Maheshwari says :”Arvind Panagariya, VC Niti Ayog’s lien with his US university was to be expired. He quit. Same was the case with Raghuram Rajan.”

Before he joined the Niti Aayog, Panagariya, the Jagdish Bhagwati Professor of Indian Political Economy at Columbia University, was the chief economist at the Asian Development Bank. A protege of economist Jagdish Bhagwati, Panagariya holds a Ph.D degree in economics from Princeton University.

Panagariya is a native of Jaipur and his extended family still stay here. He completed his early education here and graduated from Rajasthan University. Panagariya graduated in 1971 and did his masters in arts in 1973 from Rajasthan University. Born in a traders’ family, Panagariya is the youngest of three brothers and went to a Hindi medium school.

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