Gujjar quota bill in House

Jaipur, Oct 26: After a comedown on the controversial gag bill, the Rajasthan government has now gone ahead with the Gujjar quota bill,which would give reservation to Gujjars and four other backward castes in educational institutes and state government jobs.

If the bill is passed in the Assembly, which is likely in all probability as ruling BJP has a big majority, would take reservation up to 54 per cent in the state, flouting the 50 per cent ceiling set by the Supreme Court.

The Rajasthan Backward Classes (Reservation of Seats in Educational Institutions in the State and of Appointment and Posts in Services under the State) Bill, 2017, seeks to provide 5 per cent reservation to Banjara, Baldiya, Labana; Gadiya Lohar, Gadoliya; Gujar, Gurjar; Raika, Rebari, Debasi and Gadariya, Gadri, Gayari.

At present, the quota in Rajasthan ist 49 per cent — 21 per cent for OBCs, 16 per cent for SCs, and 12 per cent for STs. With the 2015 SBC Act, the government had moved the five castes from OBC into a separate Special Backward Castes category.
However, the Act was quashed and the government moved them back into the OBC list on May 19 this year.
The government’s contention is that both the committee and the Special Backward Class Caommission “unequivocally recommended” that these castes should be categorised as a separate class of “More Backward Classes” (MBCs) and should be provided 1 per cent reservation from within the limit of 50 per cent and 4 per cent from beyond the limit.

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