Cow app at Hingonia gaushala

Jaipur, Oct 31: The infamous cow deaths in Jaipur’s Hingonia Gaushala a year back may soon be a thing of the past. With a special app Krishna Balashram Goshala, it would be easier to keep a track on the activities of the cow shelter.
The app can also help people who want to be associated with Gau seva, or king for welfare of cows.
The App offers options to to register as a service volunteer , take stock of cattle count, their health conditions and also help the centre become self sufficient by purchasing its products.
Hingonia gaushala had been hit by controversy following the deaths of more 500 cows within a span of 10 days last year in August. So it was handed to Akshay Patra for a make over as a pilot project for six months. Now the state government has signed a MOU with the same to change the condition of the centre and cows as well.

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