Jaipur Mayor’s diktat on National Anthem

Jaipur: Nov 1 Now staff of Jaipur’s Nagar Nigam have to literally prove their patriotism by singing the national anthem and Vande Mataram at the start and end of day at their office.

Jaipur Mayor Ashok Lahoty ordered that all its employees will sing the national anthem in the morning and Vande Mataram in the evening. And here attendance is compulsory.

The anthem will be sung at 9.50 am each day starting Tuesday and the biometric attendance will close after that. This means that attending these singing sessions has been made mandatory. Any worker who clocks in has to be present. Employees are meant to report to work at 9.30 am in the municipal corporation.

Ashok Lahoty

Around 5.55 pm, when it is closing time, all employees have to sing the national song Vande Mataram. Lahoty said : “Positive energy emanates by singing the national song. “It has many benefits. This will develop a work culture, there will be positive energy. This will increase workmanship.”

The new rule comes in the middle of a raging debate over the singing of the anthem in movie halls.
Since a Supreme Court decision last year, movie-goers are required to stand for the anthem before every show. It would “instill committed patriotism and nationalism”, the court had said.

Last week, the Supreme Court said the government should reconsider the decision regulating the playing of the anthem while noting that “we don’t have to wear patriotism on our sleeves.’

The government has argued that India is a diverse country and the national anthem can be a unifying force.

In a recent TV programme, BJP spokesman Navin Kumar was challenged to sing Vande Mataram to prove his patriotism by All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) member Mufti Ejaz Arshad Qasmi. This is what Singh ends up singing.
Vande Mataram
Sujalam Sufalam
Malayaja Sheetalam
Subhrat Jotsam
Vande Mataram
Dumal Tsunami (?)
Sumantra Bulshumaani
Vande Mataram

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